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Physical therapy is an important part of getting your joint pain and stiffness under control.  Adding OmniFlex to your treatment protocol can enhance the benefits of physical therapy. and losing a few pounds will contribute greatly to your recovery.     Ask Your Physical Therapist Ask Your Physical Therapist: How can I get my life […]

Unlike the vast majority of current natural joint pain products on the market, OmniFlex™ takes a radically new approach to relieving joint pain. Created by Gerald A. Bruno, PhD., OmniFlex™ is the result of years of research into scientifically proven compounds that have been combined in a specific formulation for proven joint pain relief. Many of OmniFlex™ customers […]

Ethical Alternative Products has launched OmniFlex, a unique joint support formula combining five highly researched ingredients shown specifically to positively impact joint structure and function in easy-to-swallow soft-gel capsules. According to Gerald Bruno, Ph.D., President of Ethical Alternative Products, OmniFlex is not only unique in its combination, but affords customers an economically friendly dietary supplement. […]